About Us

Hi! My name is Amy and I am the artist behind Dotsallowed.

I originally come from the North but have lived in North Wales every since I was a teenager. I currently live on Anglesey with my husband and two children where we are only a stones throw away from beautiful beaches and stunning countryside, which is where I get my inspiration for my art.

I am a self taught artist who has always loved drawing since being a young girl, but like many I eventually grew up, and life and motherhood soon took over so I wasn't able to concentrate on art as much as I would have liked. Then along came the dreaded coronavirus pandemic not long after the birth of my second child. With lockdown after lockdown I found I needed an escape after relentless days homeschooling and looking after a newborn without the normal support of family. I found myself craving a creative outlet. After scrolling through Pinterest one night I saw these amazing pieces of art made out of dots! I was fascinated! So I dusted off my fine liner pens and tried my hand it. Then i bought some more pens , and more, and more . . .  its a running joke in my house that whenever Alexa says there is a delivery my son says, "mum's brought new pens again!" So my first attempts at pointillism weren't pretty, but I was hooked anyway! I decided to challenge myself and draw every night and it quickly became, and still is my way of relaxing and unwinding. 

Inspiration for my work comes for nature and my love of the ocean. I hope you my work brings you as much happiness and joy as it did for me for me creating it!

All the best